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Just Show Up Book Clubs

Quick Start Guide

Materials Needed

  • An audio book
  • Copies of print books
  • An audio playing device
  • An audio speaker
  • A facilitator
  • Four or more participants
  • A meeting location
  • Snacks [optional]


  1. Choose a suitable location for the speaker and audio playing device. Test the sound system and adjust the volume level.
  2. Invite participants to attend the gathering.
  3. Set out copies of print Bibles and snacks.
  1. Welcome everyone. Briefly summarize the book and introduce the chapters to be read.
  2. Play a chapter or two of the book, approximately 30 to 40 minutes.
  3. Take a few minutes for reflection and discuss as a group.
  4. Thank participants for coming and encourage them to return the following week.

Recommended Titles